What are your thoughts on the Manup Retreat this year?

“Being called by Christ to serve Him and witness to the truth of salvation in the blood of the Lamb is a great privilege. I am leaving refreshed and with a new sense of purpose once again.”

“Excellent theme – very applicable. I appreciate the time this weekend to focus on Christ’s suffering and His example that we follow as we serve Him in our Christian walk and life.”

“Presentations were excellent.”

“It is a pleasure to work together with my brothers in Christ.”

“Fellowship was amazing!”

If I had written one of those promotional quotes on the website it would say, “The Man Up! Retreat is…”

“Phenomenal once again, definitely coming back!”

“Well worth attending”

“The chance to recharge physically, mentally, and most importantly, spiritually.”

“A must for all Christian men”

“Fun, faith, and fellowship”

“An exciting faith filled time with like-minded men.”

“An extremely positive and immersive fellowship experience.”

“A place for sharing our joys and trials of life; a place to grow in fellowship with other people in a different environment.”

“A great place and time to meet with your Christian brothers.”

“Soul recharging”

“A Recharge. Pastors’ robes are left home. Jobs are all left at home and we are all in the same field to recharge and to rebuild each other.”

“Great way to learn and connect with fellow Christians.”

“Enlightening, Edifying, Encouraging”

“The Best thing that you didn’t know how much you needed it.”

An opportunity to get away from everyday pressures and spend time with people who have the same problems you do and same solutions.

“A great opportunity for fellowship, reflection, and encouragement.”

“Totally manly, come check it out!.”

“Very refreshing because you can “recharge your batteries” in the Word of God and learn how to be better husbands, fathers, laymen, and men in general.”

“The best thing a Christian man can do to recharge and refocus on Christ to benefit himself and those in his life that count on his leadership.”

“A time for self-reflection to examine the kind of Christian man that I am, and the kind I want to be for Christ and for my family.”

“Necessary for the good physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health of a Christian Man.”

“A wonderful way to refocus your perspective on what is important in your life.”

“Awesome, Uplifting, Memorable, and Enjoyable.”

Here are some of the comments made by attendees of previous Man Up! Retreats:

“Refreshing, recharging, encouraging, challenging, connecting.”

“Presentations were outstanding – encouraged in the Word. The catapult team building was awesome. So well organized!”

“Presentations were very applicable.”

“Good balance of “free time” to talk and formal sessions.”

What was your favorite part of the weekend?

“The fellowship with like-minded Christians.”

“Devotions, worship service, catapult construction.”

“Time in the Word.”

“Visiting with fellow Christians – reconnecting.”

“The in-depth discussion afforded to us by our roles as servants of the church and each other.”

“Great worship service/sermon.”

“Catapult contest because of the time working with a team. It allowed us to get to know each other better.”

“Getting to know others from other congregations.”

“Fellowship and getting to know new people with the same beliefs.”

“Relaxed fellowship with old friends and new acquaintances.”

“The work-shops.”

“Fellowship times (team building activities).”

“Sharing of ideas or methods.”

“I appreciated the opportunity to present. It was a great experience.”