‘Man Up!’ is a phrase you’ll hear when a man faces a challenge that he has to dig deep to accomplish. That’s the idea behind the ‘Man Up!’ weekend. As Christian men, we may talk big and think we are ‘good enough’ husbands, fathers, brothers, workers, leaders in church, and in general, relatively strong Christian men. At least, that’s how we would hope people would see us.

This annual “Man Up” weekend is organized by CLC congregations in Minnesota and Wisconsin and is all about admitting to ourselves that we have failed in so many ways to living in the righteous image God originally designed for men. Having lost that image, we can not simply dig deep or ‘man up,’ we need to look outside of ourselves to Christ! First, for forgiveness, then for wisdom, righteousness and godliness, and finally for strength to be the kind of men God created us to be!

It’s time to ‘Man Up!’



This retreat is intended to offer strength and encouragement for men 18 and older for their personal faith, family, and fellowship at church. The weekend will include Bible Study, Fellowship, Leadership Training, Team and Relationship Building and Worship, as well as many awesome outdoor activities. The retreat will be held September 26-29, 2024 at beautiful Wyalusing State Park near Prairie du Chien, WI See Map about an hour south of LaCrosse.  The cost is only $75 for the weekend and includes lodging, meals, and activities. Payment is due by August 30, 2024. Registrations or payments made after August 30 will be $150.

If you or someone you know needs help covering the registration fee, grants up to $50 are available for new registrants who are 25 and younger and $25 for past attendees who are 25 and younger.  These grants are made possible through generous individuals and the ManUp Planning Committee.  To apply, check the last payment option below and you will be contacted to go over which grant options are available to you.

Men, don’t miss out on this strengthening opportunity to be encouraged in your God-given roles! If you have any questions please speak to your pastor or send an e-mail to Phil Strike or Erik Nelson.